State Council

WALGA State Council is the decision making representative body of all Member Local Governments, and is responsible for sector-wide policy making and strategic planning.

State Council Structure

  • Chaired by the WALGA President
  • 24 Members (State Councillors) - 12 from Country constituencies and 12 from Metropolitan constituencies
  • Members must be a serving Elected Member in a WA Local Government
  • State Councillors are elected by and from the Zones

WALGA PresidentPresident Cr Karen Chappel AM JP, Shire of Morawa 
Avon-Midland Country ZonePresident Chris Antonio, Shire of Northam 
Central Country Zone President Cr Phil Blight, Shire of Wagin 
Central Metropolitan Zone Cr Paul Kelly (WALGA Deputy President), Town of Claremont 
Cr Helen Sadler, Town of Cottesloe 
East Metropolitan Zone President Paige McNeil, Shire of Mundaring 
Cr Emily Wilding, Town of Bassendean 
Gascoyne Country Zone President Eddie Smith, Shire of Carnarvon 
Goldfields Esperance Country Zone President Cr Laurene Bonza, Shire of Dundas 
Great Eastern Country Zone Cr Stephen Strange, Shire of Bruce Rock 
Great Southern Country Zone Cr Scott Crosby, Shire of Kent 
Kimberley Country Zone President Chris Mitchell JP, Shire of Broome 
Murchison Country Zone President Cr Les Price, Shire of Cue 
Northern Country Zone President Cr Kirrilee Warr, Shire of Chapman Valley 
North Metropolitan Zone Cr Lewis Hutton, City of Joondalup 
Cr Bronwyn Smith, City of Wanneroo 
Cr Michael Dudek, City of Stirling 
Peel Country Zone Mayor Rhys Williams, City of Mandurah 
Pilbara Country Zone Cr Wendy McWhirter-Brooks, Shire of East Pilbara 
South East Metropolitan Zone Cr Adam Hort, City of Gosnells 
Mayor Patrick Hall, City of Canning 
South Metropolitan Zone 

Mayor Logan Howlett JP, City of Cockburn
Cr Karen Wheatland, City of Melville
Cr Barry Winmar, City of Kwinana 

South West Country Zone 

President Cr Tony Dean, Shire of Nannup

Ex Officio Members

Local Government Professionals WA State President, Mr Anthony Vulenta

The Rt Hon Lord Mayor City of Perth, Lord Mayor Basil Zempilas

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State Council Meeting Dates

State Council has five Ordinary Meetings per calendar year. Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of the month in March, May, July, September and December.

State Council meetings will normally occur at the WALGA offices at ONE70, 170 Railway Parade in West Leederville, commencing at 4:15pm.

The May and September meetings are Regional meetings, hosted by a Metropolitan or Country Zone respectively.


Wednesday, 6 MarchWALGA, ONE70, 170 Railway Parade, West Leederville
Wednesday, 1 MayRegional meeting - North Metropolitan Zone, City of Wanneroo
Wednesday, 10 July WALGA, ONE70, 170 Railway Parade, West Leederville
Thursday-Friday, 5-6 SeptemberRegional meeting - South West Country Zone, City of Busselton
Wednesday, 4 DecemberWALGA, ONE70, 170 Railway Parade, West Leederville
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Policy Teams and Committees

Each State Councillor is appointed to one of the Policy Teams or the Finance & Services Committee. All delegated Committees include at least one State Councillor from each of the constituencies.

The Policy Teams and Committee memberships as at December 2023 are:

President Cr Les Price, Murchison Country Zone

President Cr Tony Dean, South West Country Zone

Cr Michael Dudek, North Metropolitan Zone

Cr Bronwyn Smith, North Metropolitan Zone

Cr Adam Hort, South East Country Zone

Mayor Logan Howlett JP, South Metropolitan Zone

President Paige McNeil, East Metropolitan Zone

Cr Barry Winmar, South Metropolitan Zone

Mayor Patrick Hall, South East Metropolitan Zone

President Chris Mitchell JP, Kimberley Country Zone

Cr Karen Wheatland, South Metropolitan Zone

Cr Stephen Strange, Great Eastern Country Zone

Cr Wendy McWhirter-Brooks, Pilbara Country Zone

President Cr Laurene Bonza, Goldfields Esperance Country

Cr Helen Sadler, Central Metropolitan Zone

Cr Lewis Hutton, North Metropolitan Zone

President Cr Phillip Blight, Central Country Zone

Cr Scott Crosby, Great Southern Country Zone

President Eddie Smith, Gascoyne Country Zone

Cr Emily Wilding, East Metropolitan Zone

President Cr Karen Chappel AM JP (Chair), WALGA President

Cr Paul Kelly, WALGA Deputy President

Mayor Rhys Williams, Peel Country Zone

President Chris Antonio, Avon Midland Country Zone

President Cr Kirrilee Warr, Northern Country Zone

Mr Colin Murphy, Independent Representative

Cr Paul Kelly (Chair), WALGA Deputy President

President Cr Kirrilee Warr, Country State Councillor

President Cr Tony Dean, Country State Councillor

Mayor Logan Howlett JP, Metropolitan State Councillor

Cr Helen Sadler, Metropolitan State Councillor

Mr Nick Sloan, WALGA CEO

Ms Lynne Craigie OAM, Country Constituency

Ms Heather Henderson OAM, Metropolitan Constituency

Mr Tim Fraser, Department of Local Government

President Cr Karen Chappel AM JP (Chair), WALGA President

Cr Paul Kelly, WALGA Deputy President

Mayor Rhys Williams, Country State Councillor

Mayor Patrick Hall, Metropolitan State Councillor

Mr Nick Sloan, WALGA CEO

Mayor Mark Irwin, Metropolitan Constituency

President Cr Phil Blight, Country Constituency

Cr Paul Kelly (Chair), WALGA Deputy President

President Cr Les Price, Country State Councillor

Cr Wendy McWhirter-Brooks, Country State Councillor

Cr Michael Dudek, Metropolitan State Councillor

Cr Karen Wheatland, Metropolitan State Councillor

Ms Candy Choo, Local Government Professionals WA

Ms Parul Chauhan, Independent Representative

President Cr Karen Chappel AM JP (Chair), WALGA President

Cr Paul Kelly, WALGA Deputy President

Cr Stephen Strange, Country State Councillor

President Cr Tony Dean, Country State Councillor

Cr Barry Winmar, Metropolitan State Councillor

President Paige McNeil, Metropolitan State Councillor

President Cr Les Price (Chair), State Councillor

Cr Karen Wheatland, State Councillor

Cr Michael Dudek, State Councillor

President Cr Laurene Bonza, State Councillor

Cr Bronwyn Smith, State Councillor

Deputy Mayor Cr Natasha Colliver, City of Greater Geraldton

Cr Paul Miles (City of Wanneroo), Mindarie Regional Council

Cr Brad Wylynko (Town of Cottesloe), Western Metropolitan Regional Council

Vacant, Eastern Metropolitan Regional Council

Vacant, Resource Recovery Group

WALGA President Cr Karen Chappel AM JP (observer)

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