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About the Preferred Supplier Program

All Local Governments that are Members of WALGA are able to purchase goods and services through the WALGA Preferred Supplier Program (PSP).

Through the PSP, Members can access over 1,100 Preferred Suppliers across 12 Panels which include over 150 categories of different goods and services. 

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The Local Government Regulations provide a tender exemption for purchases through the PSP. This means that Members can save time and money by engaging prequalified Preferred Suppliers directly from the Panels rather than undertaking a full tender process.

There is no cost to be a Preferred Supplier, however there is a management fee of up to 2% payable on any work obtained through the PSP. The management fee funds the operating costs of the PSP and other WALGA services and programs.

Engaging with Local Governments

The PSP doesn’t guarantee Preferred Suppliers work with Local Governments. It is the responsibility of the Preferred Supplier to engage with Local Governments. However, WALGA will provide opportunities wherever possible for Preferred Suppliers to be promoted to and interact with Local Governments.

Preferred Suppliers may be invited to provide Quotations through VendorPanel (also know as eQuotes) or they may be engaged directly by the Local Government. If Local Government approaches a Preferred Supplier directly or there is no reference to the PSP or Panel Name/Number on a Purchase Order, the Preferred Supplier should check whether the Local Government is undertaking this engagement through the PSP. This is important for Preferred Supplier reporting purposes but also, more importantly, for Local Government auditing purposes.


VendorPanel (also known as eQuotes) is an easy-to-use online tool that enables Local Governments to request quotations. It provides Local Government staff direct access to all Preferred Suppliers, including being able to view company profiles, insurances, pricing and contact details.

WALGA encourages Preferred Supplier to keep their profile up to date and have the correct contact details listed. RFQs will be emailed to the address listed in your profile.

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Preferred Supplier Directory

The Preferred Supplier Directory contains profiles for all Preferred Suppliers and is used by Local Governments to search for information and contact details. Ensuring your profile is kept up to date with your current service and product offerings will increase your visibilibility to Local Governments.


Preferred Suppliers are required to report to WALGA every quarter through the Preferred Supplier Reporting Portal.

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