WALGA Corporate Strategy

WALGA's Corporate Strategy 2020-25 sets out a our focus and values and articulates a strategic plan for the organisation for the next five years.

Our Focus 

We will deliver on our purpose and vision by:
  • Undertaking research  on the most importnat issues that Local Government faces
  • Facilitating collaboration and creating platforms to inspire innovactive and progressive policy solutions
  • Delivering services to support and build capacity across the Local Government sector
  • Influencing decision makers by delivering strong evidence-based recommedations and advocacy in support of sector positions.

Read more in WALGA's Corporate Strategy 2020-25 here .

WALGA Annual Report

The WALGA Annual Report includes information on services and policy support provided by the Association, key achievements and activity conducted throughout the year and the audited financial statements for the organisation.

WALGA's 2020/21 Annual Report can be downloaded here.