Council Member Essentials

The Council Member Essentials training is delivered in five individual course modules. Each module focuses on a different topic, building the knowledge and skills required of Councillors in a step-by-step approach, developing a deeper understanding over time, filled with practical tips and tools for Councillors to perform their role and responsibility as defined in the Local Government Act 1995.

Training is targeted at newly Elected Members, returning Elected Members and/or Elected Members who wish to run for election and are yet to complete the required training.
  To gain the most value from the modules, it is recommended that the Training is undertaken in the logical sequence as shown above.

Each participant is required to complete a quiz/assessment at the end of each module. Depending on the delivery methodology and the learner preference or need, assessments are completed on WALGA's eLearning hib (Moodle) or are paper based. When choosing Face-to-Face training, assessments are completed at the end of the day or on completion of the module.

Please note:

  • WALGA must report individual training and assessment activities to the State Government.
  • Elected Members who have completed any of the above courses within the period of 5 years ending immediately before the day on which they were elected/re-elected are exempt from the training course and need only to complete the online assessment.

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