WALGA’s Tax Service provides Local Governments with specialised taxation advisory and information services across all indirect revenue types.

Visit the  WALGA Tax Service website. Read the WALGA Tax Service Guide for an overview of the service structure and resources. 
The current Consultancy Contract for the Tax Service is held by Moore Australia WA, whose dedicated Local Government team provides Members with a range of services that are directly tailored to the tax and financial accounting requirements of Local Governments. 

Online Tax Advice

Subscribers to the WALGA Tax Service are able to submit written tax enquires relating to GST, FBT and associated revenues and receive a written response within two (2) business days. Common enquiry topics include:

  • property transactions
  • GST on fees and charges
  • payments to suppliers
  • Elected Member taxation
  • grants and appropriations
  • superannuation
  • FBT and salary packaging, and
  • ATO compliance.

Newsletter and Information Services

The WALGA Tax Service delivers regular bulletin and newsletter communications to all subscribers containing relevant information relating to tax changes, tax cases, and issues that impact the Local Government sector.
These communications reflect the most recent and topical enquiries received and reproduces relevant information from the enquiry service. When legislative changes or high profile media issues affecting Local Government taxation compliance are announced, the Service also undertakes project based activity.


Webinars are run regularly throughout the year. Local Government specific training and workshop events on such topics as FBT and GST are regularly hosted, with discounted access to Service subscribers.


Extended Services

The WALGA Tax Service provides additional fee for service activity relating to compliance, audit, and taxation services that sit beyond the scope of the subscription.  These services are available at discounted market rates.


Service Quality

The WALGA Tax Service is committed to providing subscribers with a professional service that combines the benefits of Local Government and tax knowledge to deliver a relevant, timely and reliable advisory service. To achieve a level of expertise that WALGA Members seek, professionals that have worked in the Local Government industry are part of the Service delivery team.


Service Access

WALGA members can verify if they are a service subcriber by contacting the Contract Manager, Andrew Blitz on ablitz@walga.asn.au or 9213 2046. Alternatively email, preferredsupplier@walga.asn.au. Tax technical enquiries should be directly sent to the service on walgatax@moore-australia.com.au.