WALGA undertakes both policy and projects covering a wide range of waste management issues and WasteNet is a website dedicated to providing waste and recycling information.

Key Projects and Programs

  • Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) Program
  • Behaviour Change – Bin tagging
  • Encouraging use of Construction & Demolition materials in fit for purpose applications
  • Encouraging use Local Government sourced organics
  • Better Practice Guide for Verge side Collections
  • Improving the consideration of Waste Management in the Planning System

Upcoming Projects Include

  • Guidance for planning, siting, operating and closure of small rural landfills
  • Better Practice Guide for CCTV use to reduce illegal dumping
  • Better Practice Guide for Reuse Shops

Waste Management and Recycling Policy Statements

  • Waste Management Legislation
  • Household Hazardous Waste
  • Standards for Recycled Organics Applied to Land
  • Waste Levy and Strategic Waste Funding
  • Extended Producer Responsibility
  • Container Deposit Systems
  • Waste Management Consultation and Communication
  • Waste Management Education
  • Waste Management Date and Information Management

What's on WasteNet

  • Policy Statements, Submissions and Discussion Papers
  • Projects and Programs administered by WALGA
  • Information about State and Federal Legislation, Regulation and Policy
  • Activities relating to different waste streams
  • Current and previous editions of WasteNews
  • Links to the websites of other agencies working in waste management
WasteNet is a source of information for Local Government Waste teams, dedicated to providing useful resources on waste and recycling.
Read the latest editions of WasteNews, WALGA's fortnightly Waste E-Newsletter.
For more information, contact the WALGA Waste team on waste@walga.asn.au