Inclusive communities are where all members feel valued and have the opportunity to fully participate in the life of that community. In simple terms, a socially inclusive community is one in which everyone can enjoy the opportunity of participation be it in sport, culture, work or learning; where more people are ‘one of us’ than ‘one of them’.

Disability Access and Inclusion

Local Governments possess a high level of expertise in disability service provision and have policies and processes in place to promote and increase access and participation. Western Australian Local Governments have a legislative requirement to develop and implement a Disability Access and Inclusion Plan (DAIP) under the Disability Services Act 1993. Read more here.

Changing Places

WALGA delivered the Changing Places program in partnership with the Department of Communities, Disability Services and National Disability Services WA to provide funding to Local Government to support the construction of a network of Changing Places across Western Australia. Read more here.

Multicultural Communities

Local Governments have a significant role to play in ensuring that all refugees and new migrants feel welcomed and included; understand their rights and responsibilities; participate in our democracy and are supported with appropriate services in the local community. Read more here.


Multicultural Communities Forum: Monday, 21 October 2019

On 21 October 2019, WALGA hosted a Forum on Multicultural Communities. Attended by 70 participants from Local Government, NFPs, community groups, academics and State and Commonwealth government departments, the Forum explored the issues and opportunities that Local Government faces when confronted with rapid urbanisation or population decline, leveraging partnerships and funding opportunities to support diverse communities, place planning, regional migration strategies and ways to create welcoming places for newcomers. A Workshop and Panel explored opportunities for mainstreaming multiculturalism in Local Government.

The Program and Powerpoint Presentations from the Forum are below.

A Tale of Two Cities: Grappling with Rapid Urbanisation or Population Decline, Welcoming Cities
Leveraging Partnerships and Funding Opportunities to support a diverse community, City of Stirling
A Snapshot of Multicultural Katanning, Shire of Kataning
Place Planning in Multicultural Communities, City of Wanneroo
Cities and Settlement Initative, Centre for Policy Development
Developing Locally Led Migration Strategies, Regional Australia Institute
The Goldfields Region and our Designated Area Migration Agreement, Chamber of Minerals and Energy WA
Workshop Exercise & Panel, City of Canning