Local Government Grants Commission's Asset Preservation Model

WALGA has prepared a manual outlining the operation of the Local Government Grants Commission’s Asset Preservation Model. This model was developed to allocate the untied roads component of the Financial Assistance Grants to Local Governments, but its application has since been broadened out to inform the allocation of a number of sources of federal and state road funding. The manual explains the principles and operation of the model, which is maintained by the Local Government Grants Commission.

The manual can be found here.

For further information on the model, including detailed technical information, please see the Local Government Grants Commission's revised explanatory report. 

The Grants Commission report can be found here

Commodity Route Funding

The State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement makes provision for a Commodity Route Fund (CRF). Commodity Routes are defined as routes where there is a significant high priority transport task associated with the transport of a commodity such as grain, timber, agricultural lime, iron ore etc.  The assessment process for the Commodity Routes Fund will prioritise projects not eligible for Road Project Grant Funding.

Application Forms, Application Guidelines and Assessment Guidelines for the CRF are available via the links below:

Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements

Financial support from Federal and State Governments is critical to enable Local Governments to restore public assets following disasters such as floods, cyclones and bushfires. The Federal Government implemented new funding arrangements for all eligible disasters from 1 November 2018. The details are available here

The Western Australian Government has developed systems, processes, guidelines, templates and supporting information to facilitate implementation of these new Disaster Recovery Funding Arrangements (DRFA WA).

These and a series of updates for Local Governments are being regularly released and are available here.

A webinar giving an overview of the new arrangements is available here:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AbzcGMFJPW0.

State Road Funds to Local Government Agreement

The State Road Funds to Local Agreement provides an allocation of funds to Local Governments in Western Australia for the improvement and maintenance of roads and bridges. The quantum of funding in the Agreement is based on a percentage of motor vehicle licence fee collections by the State Government. The Agreement is intended to ensure that the available funds are allocated across the State of Western Australia, focusing on areas of strategic importance and areas that will provide maximum benefit. The State Road Funds to Local Government Procedures Manual provides the details concerning the programs, administration and distribution of the available funds.

The principles in the Agreement are put into practice through the governance provided by the Regional Road Groups and the State Road Funds to Local Government Advisory Committee.


SAC Agendas and Minutes

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