WALGA assists Local Governments with roads and transport related issues including:

  • advocating for adequate funding and resources, and legislative reform from Federal and State Governments
  • developing representative sector policy positions, agreements, plans and guidelines
  • contributing a Local Government perspective on relevant committees and working groups
  • strengthening capacity by providing workshops, forums and training
  • supporting State Road Funds to Local Government Advisory Committee
  • supporting the network of regional road groups
  • producing the annual Report on Local Government Road Assets and Expenditure, and
  • researching and providing guidance on technical issues and specifications.


  • Sustainable asset management
  • Community infrastructure funding
  • Electricity distribution infrastructure
  • Utilities in the road reserve
  • Street lighting
  • Airports
  • Bridges
  • Recreational boating facilities
  • Vegetation management in the road reserve including near power lines
  • Disaster Relief and Recovery Arrangements

Transport and Roads

  • Local Government road funding
  • Road design and construction
  • Road asset management
  • Pavements and materials
  • Heavy vehicles and freight
  • Pedestrian and cycling infrastructure
  • Road user pricing, congestion charging and other funding models 

Road Safety

  • Research and analyse road safety issues
  • Project manage road safety initiatives
  • Traffic management for road works
  • Road safety legislation
  • Children's school crossings
For more information, email  infrastructure@walga.asn.au or call  (08) 9213 2059.
WALGA is committed to encouraging sound Asset Management practices and the support of better investment decision making across Western Australia. 
Find out more about Funding for Local Governments in the Infrastructure area.
WALGA represents the Local Government sector on a number of transport and road related committees and working groups. Please see below for further information.  
Resources that are designed to assist Local Governments to manage the work of third parties in the road reserve and other property under the control and care of Local Government. 
Local Governments are working together and with industry to deliver safe, efficient road networks to meet the needs of industry and communities
WALGA’s RoadWise Program, founded in 1994, is the Local Government and community road safety program for Western Australia.