In 2018, WALGA completed an Economic Development Framework Project to facilitate a strategic approach to economic development (ED) in the sector.

Guided by a reference group of senior staff drawn from across the sector, the project comprised:
  • exploration of current research and practice about the role of the sector in ED and the creation of sustainable communities
  • resource materials to assist WA Local Governments in creating and implementing ED strategies, and
  • establishing an network of ED professional practitioners to support their work in this area and to ensure ongoing alignment with contemporary practice.
In addition, the project recommended a number of policy priorities to guide future WALGA advocacy in support of  Local Government Economic Development practices.

At an event held in May 2019, the Minister for Local Government, Heritage, Culture and the Arts, the Hon David Templeman MLA officially launched these materials and released them to the sector for ongoing use.

View the Economic Development Summary
View the Economic Development Framework
View the Research Findings and Future Directions (full research document)
View the WALGA Policy Priorities

An Economic Development Policy Forum of WALGA State Council has been created to provide sector leadership in ED by responding to emerging issues and providing guidance on policy.

A number of speakers at the Economic Development Forum agreed to make their presentations available. To view the presentations click on the links below.

Presentation - Arthur Kyron
Presentation - David MacLennan
Presentation - Rochelle Lavery
Presentation - Andrew Sharpe

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