The Road Ribbon for Road Safety® e-ribbon will take centre stage this holiday season, as WALGA’s RoadWise expands the reach of its prominent Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign.
Commencing on Sunday, 21 November, to align with the United Nations World Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims, the WALGA RoadWise Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign will continue through until Friday, 7 January 2022.
In launching the 2021 campaign, WALGA President Mayor Tracey Roberts acknowledged that when it comes to road safety, no matter how careful we are, people will always make mistakes.
“When we talk about road safety, the important thing to remember is the human body is vulnerable and needs protecting. Thinking about road safety this way helps change our approach from blaming those who use the road, to focusing on how to protect them so that if they are involved in a crash, they won’t be killed or seriously injured,” Mayor Roberts said.
“As we head into the busy holiday season, it’s also important to focus on the fact we can all do something when it comes to road safety, we can all take action.
“Whether that is choosing 5 star rated vehicles for our households or business fleets, embedding road safety principles and practices into our organisations, supporting our Local Governments as they build a safer road network, campaigning for targeted speed reductions in our communities or wearing a ribbon as part of our Road Ribbon for Road Safety® campaign, we can all commit to making travel on our roads safer.
“The small road ribbon has become a familiar feature on Western Australian lapels over the past two decades. Sharing an e-ribbon with friends and family via the social media is another way to help spread the message far and wide.
“This year, I will also be wearing a road ribbon on my phone. Join me by downloading an e-ribbon and saving it as your lock screen wallpaper,” she said.
More than 100 people have already died on WA roads this year; as a community we should not accept this. Whether we walk, cycle, ride or drive, we all use the roads and we should all be able travel safely in WA.
To download an e-ribbon, find out more about getting involved in this year’s campaign, and access free resources for holding your own Road Ribbon for Road Safety® event, visit